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Let Gorham Fabrications move your park model rides, tear down and set up and complete transportation can be arranged as well. Contact us today for more information! 

Refurbishing, building, designing or repairing- you name it we can take your carnival to higher limits. We have over 40 years of experience in fiberglass molding and repair, welding, carnival equipment maintenance, building and repair (not to mention an incredible on site carnival design artist). If your show needs something old made new- or just something new we can do the job above and beyond your expectations.

53 Foot bunkhouse recently completed, what a beauty!




11 years ago the idea, the designs and the molds were made for a fiberglass based, innovative new form of "Modular Bunkhouse" for the traveling amusement industry.  Ahead of it's time, the idea for the new bunkhouses became a reality, but had no place on the market.

NOW, the industry is tired of dirty, unsafe, unattractive, disposable bunkhouses!  The reality of the fiberglass based modular room allows for a fully washout room, insect and mold retardant.  The buyer buys new or used, or sends us his/ her cube van, semi-trailer or other van vehicle to put the modular rooms into.  If the vehicle should be damaged, we can easily remove the modular rooms to another van type vehicle. No need to buy an entire new bunkhouse!

 Their futuristic- low maintenance internal design can save owners thousands of dollars and keep crews in a comfortable, healthy environment for many years.  Say goodbye to showers that offer poor hygiene and bunkrooms full of broken, failing wooden or plastic components. Your crew works hard for you, don't they deserve the best you can give them?

Basic room construct allows for electrical outlets, one Air Conditioner, one bunk insert plus foam mattress,  and one door with window and steps.  Base unit price per installed bunk room is currently $4,800 (subject to change).  Any room can be upgraded to two bunks if customer desires.  The showers come with an option for a toilet or most people opt for that space to be used for an aluminum bleacher seat.  All showers include forced air vents, safety mirror, shower curtain, clothing hooks and access hatch to all plumbing under vanity.  Unit price for shower room is $2,500 installed for the first and $2000 for the second. The first shower unit includes holding tank, hot water heater and all plumbing.  Each shower room after 3 may be higher depending on number of water heaters, holding tanks and excess plumbing required.

Optional packages offered for additional cost- can include outside entry light, deck, second bunk with aluminum ladder, ramps- tell us what you need!







Located in Okeechobee, Florida Gorham Fabrications has most recently been known for producing the super revenue producing "Gravity Storm".  It has long been a haven for Carnival equipment operators and owners to store their un-used rides, games, food joints etc.  The talented crew who live on site are constantly at work thinking of new ways to make your business more practical and profitable.

New and exciting ideas for products always get first priority but it is worth your time to give Gorhams a call for that badly needed repair job that your equipment is crying out for. If time is available the results you get will be the best anywhere.

If you find yourself without a spot for a week, or even a month, consider storing your equipment at Gorhams and take a spot at the fire to brainstorm with the boys- your wallet will thank you for it!

Job proposals are taken on a first come- first serve basis with time constraints and financial agreements taken into consideration.