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    We’re selling and you’re buying long term temporary housing solutions!

       We have designed our fiberglass bunkhouse rooms with one thing in mind, DURABILITY! After 60 years in Outdoor Amusement Business we know what abuse your bunk house rooms will endure. Our free-standing slide in rooms can, and are built for existing van type trucks, trailers, semi or ball hitch, new or used.  Our all fiberglass designs insure that your investments will last for years. The fiberglass design also eliminates, mold, bug infestation and easy maintenance, like wash out, scratch resistant. Reducing working hours lost by keeping crews in a clean safe environment.  Increase your profit by controlling your temporary housing needs with our all fiberglass free standing bunk rooms. We can help you spec out a new trailer from several of our sources to fit your budget, or we have a large used market right here in Florida.  We have over 40 years of experience in fiberglass molding and repair, welding, carnival equipment maintenance, building and repair.

       11 years ago, the idea, the designs and the molds were made for a fiberglass based, innovative new form of "Modular Bunkhouse" for the traveling amusement industry. Designed by a marine architect, ahead of its time, the idea for the new fiberglass space saving bunk rooms became a reality, but had no place on the market, as at that time everyone was buying a 2 to 3-year bunk house cheaply made of wood and paneling, like the old saying says, you get what you pay for.

       NOW, the industry is tired of dirty, unsafe, unattractive, disposable bunkhouses!  The reality of the fiberglass based modular room allows for a fully washout room, insect and mold retardant.  The buyer buys new or used, or sends us his/ her cube van, semi-trailer or other van vehicle to put the modular rooms into.  If the vehicle should be damaged, we can easily remove the modular rooms to another van type vehicle. No need to buy an entire new bunkhouse!

       Their futuristic- low maintenance space saving design can save owners thousands of dollars and keep crews in a comfortable, healthy environment for many years.  Say goodbye to showers that offer poor hygiene and bunk rooms full of broken, failing wooden or plastic components. Your crew works hard for you, don't they deserve the best you can give them?

Standard basic rooms offered

       Each basic room construction allows for 2 electrical outlets, one 5000 BTU Air Conditioner, one bunk insert, one vinyl sealed mattress, large shelf above the bottom bunk, a dedicated closet space with an aluminum shelf and a cloths hanger, and one door with window and steps. All rooms have insulated ceilings and the nature of fiberglass and core mat construction gives a natural insulating quality, no raining from condensation.  Base unit price per installed bunk room is currently $4,750 (subject to change).  Any room can be upgraded to two bunks if customer desires.  The showers come with an option for a toilet or most people opt for that space to be used for an aluminum bleacher seat.  All showers include vanity with sink, forced air exhaust vents, safety mirror, shower curtain, large aluminum shelf, clothing hooks and access hatch to all plumbing under vanity.  Unit price for shower room is $2,500 installed for the first and $2000 for the second (price subject to change). The first shower unit includes holding tank, hot water heater and all plumbing.  Each shower room after 2 may be higher depending on number of water heaters, holding tanks and excess plumbing required.

Optional packages offered for additional costs- can include, outside entry lights, deck walk way down side of trailer, a second bunk with aluminum ladder (any bunk room can be upgraded to a double bunk) custom ramps. Tell us what you need!

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 48 ft. - 53 ft. Commander

       The Commander is the largest of our family, a 48ft to 53ft semi trailer also this series can be put in a custom 53ft 5th wheel trailer built in Indiana. They have 12 all fiberglass rooms with 2 showers as a standard layout. The combination of a semi trailer and all fiberglass rooms make for a heavy industrial application. These are the most hygienic bunk rooms on the market today, even the mattresses are vinyl sealed. Low maintenance impervious to bugs, lice, mildew, scratch resist, wash out. Each room completely sealed from trailer and other rooms.


28 ft. Centurion

           The Centurion is a 28-foot double (pup) trailer allowing a single power unit to pull 2 individual trailers at once. The normal 28 foot pup trailer has 6 all fiberglass rooms and 2 shower. This being said the set of doubles can have 12 rooms and 4 showers. A second combination can be 8 rooms in a pup and 6 rooms and 2 showers in second pup making, a 14 rooms and 2 shower unit, the 3rd option is all rooms 8 each making for 16 rooms in a single power  unit.  These are the same rugged rooms and showers that are used in all our units. The unique space saving design allows customer to put in any combination as long as the floor plan holds it. Same rugged laminate schedule used in all our rooms.

       Long term, years and years of use practically any van type truck, semi, ball hitch or container new or used can be your next bunk house! Unique space saving design to maximize your deck space..

28 ft. Spartan

       The Spartan is usually a ball/hitch tag along but smaller 5th wheels are also usable. Practically any van type new or used trailer, truck can become your next bunk house with our unique modular design. Most units of this size has 6 rooms and 2 showers. Only want one shower we can put in a washer and dryer in second shower space. Call and ask!


Need a trailer? We have a large selection of new and used trailers available.

       Need a trailer call we can spec out a new one, Florida has a large used market here we can help you find a trailer for your needs. These units are designed for long term. Warehouse indefinitely.

Single or double bunks

       All bunk rooms are a double but most buyers opt for a SINGLE BUNK WITH A large shelf above bottom bunk. Each room has a 5000 BTU air conditioner l.e.d. LIGHTING DEDICATED CLOSET SPACE WITH ALUMINUM SHELF AND A CLOTHES  HANGER ROD. Most hygienic bunk room on market today!

       Also included is self leveling steps with grip strut steps and a radial door with window. All rooms are built with insulated ceiling and 4 millimeter core mat on walls, giving these rooms about ¼” thick laminate schedule. If anyone hits this with their fist they will virtually break there wrist. The rooms are condensation proof due to insulation and laminate schedule, no raining. Each room is completely sealed from trailer and other rooms. All rooms have an access hatch to have easy maintenance to all the electric.  Each room can be upgraded with Tuff Coat to protect the gel-coat and give a good non slip surface. Ask us!

Toilet / Shower

       The toilet/shower is made with the same rugged laminate schedule that the rooms are made of. each unit has a vanity with sink with an access hatch for ease of plumbing repair, safety mirror forced air exhaust fan to out side, ceiling access hatch for ease of electrical maintenance with toilet.

       A large aluminum shelf is across the top for cloths storage. Even a baby change system has been added, shower curtain radial door with window and self leveling steps with grip strut stairs are included.



       Same rugged laminate schedule as the head/shower only difference is an aluminum bleacher seat is put in where the toilet would go. making this just a shower unit only.

       A vanity with sink and access hatch for easy maintenance safety mirror, forced air exhaust fan to outside, a shower curtain, and a large aluminum shelf across the top for cloths storage, radial door with window and self leveling steps with grip strut stair, is included. We have built units that we call wet trailers, all showers, for amusement parks and carnivals. Call for your needs we have a solution!